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European Mahjong Association

Upcoming European Championships

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Riichi European Championship 2016 will take place in the United Kingdom.

100 players will compete through ten hanchans over three days for the title of Riichi European Champion. The venue and the exact dates are not settled yet. The organizing team has experience from several succesful national championships. Two players have wild card seats for the event: Martin Diviš, Czech Republic, European Champion 2013 and John Duckworth, United Kingdom, best European player in World Riichi Championship 2014. The non-European quota will be announced in early October, and after that the dynamical quotas for the EMA countries can be monitored on the ranking pages on this site.


Open European Mahjong Championship 2017 will take place in Portugal

The OEMC 2017 will seat 216 players, including 16 players from China, 12 players from Japan and 8 players from "the rest of the world". The dates and venue are not decided yet, but it is decided that the next EMA General Assembly will take place in the connection with the OEMC 2017. The organizer has experience from several succesful national championships. Two players have wild card seats for the event: the best European player in OEMC 2014, Michael Zahradnik from Germany, and the best European player in the upcoming WMC 2015 in Korea. The European country quotas will be settled on January 1st 2017. The dynamical quotas can be monitored on the ranking pages on this site.

General assembly 2015

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GA 2015 in Copenhagen (Denmark) on May 15, 2015

In this report you can read about some of the major developments over the past two years, since the GA of 2013.

Agenda and Minutes

10 year anniversary and EMA General Assembly 2015

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The European Mahjong Association celebrates its 10 year anniversary this summer.

In these 10 years EMA has grown from the original 7 members to the 19 countries we are today.
The number of tournaments has grown and grown. The ranking lists for both MCR and riichi are evidence of the many active players.  EMA has  established the EMA riichi rules, kick-starting EMA riichi tournaments and regular European Riichi Championships. EMA is educating and certifying referees which is essential for the successful high-level tournaments.

The EMA General Assembly 2015 will take place in Copenhagen on May 15, 9am-11:30am, in connection with a 9 session MCR tournament 15-17 May.

At the General Assembly each country can send two representatives.

Last Updated on Friday, 23 January 2015 14:28

Michael Zahradnik claims the title as European champion while Japan dominates the top positions

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Podium OEMC 2014

The fifth Open Europen Mahjong Championship took place July 4-7 2014 in the beautiful location of Pavillon Joséphine in the Parc de l'Orangerie in Strasbourg, France.

The winner is Yoshihiro Suzuki from Japan, and Japan claimed an impressive four positions in the top 5.

Runner-up and also European Champion is Michael Zahradnik from Germany.

Third position was claimed by Kazutoshi Miyake from Japan.

The OEMC was played over 11 sessions of two hours. The team competition was one by team JMF consisting of three Japanese players, and a French player: Kazutoshi Miyake, Yaichiro Owaki, Kenzo Tamakoshi and Florine Leroy.

Congratulations to all winners! And a huge thank you to the organizers!


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 July 2014 14:45

MCR European Championship 2014 in France

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The next MCR Open European Mahjong Championship will take place in Strasbourg, France, in 2014.

The event will be organized by the French Organization.

Date = 3-6 July 2014.

Official website is open on

During this OEMC, EMA will organize a MCR referee seminar just before OEMC tournament. You will find any information on OEMC website

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