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Riichi Competition Rules (RCR)

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The first edition of the EMA riichi rules was established in preparation of the First European Riichi
Championship in 2008 in Hannover, Germany. The rules were based on the way riichi had been played by
pretty much the same rules independently in Netherlands and Denmark for years. The rules were revised in
2012 to be closer to current Japanese riichi rules, though still with some variants retained.

In preparation of the event of the first World Riichi Championship in Paris, France, in 2014, the World Riichi
Championship rules were compiled by Sylvain Malbec in collaboration with partners worldwide, notably
the Japan Mahjong Professional League. After the event the WRC rules were slightly revised in 2015, and it
was obvious to revise the EMA riichi rules in light of the WRC rules. The latest revision came into effect April 1, 2016.

Riichi rule book - version 2016

Riichi – Rules for Japanese Mahjong
Riichi – Rules for Japanese Mahjong - Nederlandse vertaling
Riichi – Rules for Japanese Mahjong - Russian

Riichi overview sheets - version 2016

Riichi – Overview sheet
Riichi – Overview sheet - Dannish

Rule translations of the revised rules are pending. These documents are based on the 2008 edition.

Rules - Spanish
Yaku overview - English
Yaku overview - French

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