In less than two monthes from now, the new ranking system adopted during the EMA general assembly in Povoa will come into force.

To ensure the smoothest transition, we would like to remind you of some important informations.

1. Ranking system :

The informations regarding the ranking can be found online on the EMA website, following this link :

The major changes are :
- rank calculation for players is less static now (details can be found under "Averaging" chapter) ;
- weight of tournament is now dynamic, based on size, length and international attendance (details can be found under "Weight" chapter).

The ranking will be updated on the EMA website in January.

2. Tournament certification :

a) Two days tournament vs. one day tournament

With the new ranking system, the weight of a tournament can not be calculated at the time of the certification application. This is mainly due to the fact that the number of nations and the number of players playing at a tournament can not be known before the day of the tournament.

This change has the following consequences :
- we can no longer have more than one "two day tournament" on the same week-end.
- we have no restriction about the number of one day tournaments during the same week-end.

As we have 19 members in the EMA and 52 week-ends per year, it should not be a problem.

b) Certification procedure :

EMA procedure for certification is as follows :

- the request of the organiser should be sent to the national board member using the form that can be found on this page

- the national board member must send the completed application form to the board via the e-mail address :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- the certification is granted if it’s accepted by the board (formal approval) OR if no objection occurs during 15 days after the request (tacit approval)

- the tournament is published on the EMA website only after the approval (after the formal vote OR on 16th day after the request has been sent to the board)

3. Requirements and guidelines about tournament organization

a) Updated version of the documents

The EMA approved several years ago guidelines about MERS tournaments.

You can find the updated version of this document, based on decisions of the last general assembly 2017, on the EMA website

b) About referees

aa. Requirement

A tournament without referee can not been held.

Having referee(s) is an EMA requirement.

bb. Guidelines

The guidelines can be you found in above mentioned document

EMA would like to add following

- EMA does not currently require EMA certified referees. Tournament organizers are requested (not required) to use certified referees whenever possible. If this is not the case, experienced players should be asked to act as referee.

- EMA does not condone players involving themselves in a ruling which is being given on a table they do not currently play at, independent of them being EMA certified referees. Doing so can be seen as obstruction as it affects all other players sitting at the table.

- EMA does not expect tournament organizers to ask attending players to act as a referee solely based on their certification status. nor does EMA require organizers to check if there are certified referees attending the tournament as players.

We actually have referee seminars only before major tournaments EMRC or OEMC. We certainly have to find a way to have more referee seminars and more certifications. We will discuss this matter inside the Presidium.

4. Game rules and MERS regulations

Game rules to be used during tournaments are following :

a) Riichi

- Riichi competition rules (RCR) : 2016 edition that can be downloaded here

b) MCR

- Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR), 2006 edition

- MERS tournament regulations, August 2010


- Penalty overview, 20 June 2009 edition

All those documents can be found here

Any version different from those on EMA website is considered invalid for ranked tournaments and should no longer be used. The tournaments organizers have to check before the start of the tournament that the referee(s) have access to the correct documents during the tournament.


We wish you all good luck in the organization of tournaments and in your mahjong games.

May the tiles be with you all.

Luc Humbert

Chairman of the European Mahjong Association