A number of documents describes the requirements of EMA member organizations and requirements and guidelines for MERS certified tournaments.

Application form for certification of MERS tournaments
Applications forms for MERS certificaion of tournaments must be submitted to the board of EMA by the board member of the applicant country. After approval the tournament is announced on the calendar.

EMA requirements for member organizations
Each member organisation has an obligation to be active, reporting activities to the EMA General Assembly and organising at least one MERS tournament each year.

The Mahjong Europea Ranking System (MERS)
This document outlines the number of tournaments that can be certified and the requirement of the national organisation to list its players with unique EMA ID numbers.

EMA requirements and guidelines for MERS tournaments
This document outlines the certification procedure and severeal tournament requirements and guidelines e.g. on referees, substitute players and EMA observer.

EMA Presidium ruling about Country transfer
in consideration of players who may want to change the member country to which they belong from a member country to another member country, has come to the following observations and conclusions


Applications for membership of EMA

Applications should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and should contain:

  1. Name of organization and legal status.
  2. Name and email address of the president.
  3. Name and email address of the EMA board member. We will add the email address to the mailinglist for the Board of EMA for sending and receiving info.
  4. Home page link, if you have one.
  5. Description of the organization including how many members, what rule sets are practised, what activities are undertaken.