EMA is delighted to welcome our 21th member: Riichi Organization Norway

President is Glenn Ivar Husom who will also be the member of the board of EMA.

EMA is delighted to welcome our 18th and 19th member

- Switzerland : Association Suisse de Mah-Jong ASM-SMV

- Czech Republic : Česká asociace mahjongu

Switzerland plays both mcr and riichi mahjong.

Czech Republic plays riichi mahjong.

The formal admission is ok from 2013 EMA General Assembly (September, Austria).

Welcome all from the board of EMA!

EMA is delighted to welcome our 17th member: the Ukrainian Mahjong League!

President is Konstantin Mjasnikov who will also be the Ukranian member of the board of EMA.

The Ukrainian Mahjong League plays riichi mahjong and has about 50 players. The formal admission of the Ukranian Mahjong League will happen at the 2013 EMA General Assembly in September; in the meantime they are still treated as all other affiliated members, i.e. players are included in the ranking and the League can ask for MERS certification of tournaments.

Merry Christmas to all mahjong players from the board of EMA!

The statutes can be viewed here.

During a GA they can be (and were) adapted according to the decisions taken. A summary of the main articles can be found hereafter.


In 2011 EMA’s biennial General Assembly (GA) in Mestre, Italy, accepted the memberhips of Poland and United Kingdom, bringing the current membership to 16 countries.

EMA was founded in 2005 during the first Open European Mahjong Championship (OEMC) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The 'founding members' were: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands.

In 2008 Finland, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden applied for the EMA membership, followed in 2009 by Belgium and Portugal. All organizations were admitted during the GA of 2009 in Baden, Austria.

The EMA is registered at The Central Business Register in Denmark (CVR: det centrale virksomhedsregister) at The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen).